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Why subscription management leads to efficient management

Focusing on better subscription management just might be the key that business leaders need to ensure long term sustainable growth and business practices.
Niclas Lilja
By Niclas Lilja on April 18, 2019

With subscription based business, one of the biggest challenges can be handling multiple contract types, billing periods, and charges. In order for these businesses to run smoothly, the key may be to not focus so much on traditional business management, but look to better subscription management to make the business run more efficiently as a whole.

Proper subscription management saves time

While running any type of business, time equals money. And for many CEOs and business managers, there just never seems to be enough time to actually do all the tasks necessary to ensure profitability, sustainability, and competitiveness.

But when business managers switch part of their focus from the business and how subscription management fits into the overall picture, to focusing on subscription management as the overall picture, they can find they more easily achieve their business goals.

One reason for this is because subscription management is comprised of all the elements that are necessary for a successful subscription model business: comprehensive financial reporting, customer service and retention proactiveness, and real-time analytics for more transparent data. When these processes are streamlined and automated, it saves time that is valuable for business leaders.

Better contract handling saves money

As companies grow, it can be difficult to manage all customers at the same time, especially when it comes to dynamic pricing, or customizable terms and agreements. But subscription management also means better contract handling, which means it becomes easier to retain customers (and recurring revenue) and ensure a reduction in delinquent accounts or missed payments.

Part of better contract handling may also be understanding customer usage and preferences, depending on what industry your business is in. When you can focus more time and prioritise subscription management, you can also ensure better customer relationships, which leads to greater repeat business and renewed contracts. By increasing the average length of your customer lifetime, you improve customer lifetime value, and reduce the amount of average spend on acquiring customers.

Proper subscription management encourages growth

One of the biggest concerns for organisational leaders is scalability. Often, this is an element that can cost companies if they are unable to find an effective way to grow the business, or the initial business model isn't repeatable in a way that makes increasing sales manageable.

By establishing good subscription management practices early on and ensuring the business has all contracts under control, the environment for sustainable growth is created. With the major aspects of the business handled, more time, money, and energy can be focused on new and repeat sales without the concern for how an influx of subscriptions will be processed and handled on a regular basis. Especially through using subscription management tools, many processes for tasks like revenue recognition and billing can be automated, allowing business leaders to focus on the tasks that matter for growth.

While there are many benefits to implementing better subscription management processes and tools, the greatest benefit may be that it actually leads to more efficient business management as a whole. When you have a business that is based on securing recurring revenue, and relies on various contracts and billing terms, it can make the most sense for you to put primary focus on managing your subscriptions, then the rest of the business practices can become easier.

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Published by Niclas Lilja April 18, 2019
Niclas Lilja

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