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About Us

These are the things that inspire us and get us excited about Subscription Management

Our Inspiration:

We started Younium because of something we've each seen with subscription model companies: all too often there are missed opportunities for increased monthly recurring margins, improved customer relationships and retention, and timely and accurate reporting for subscription data insights.

We want to help customers achieve:

Teamwork and Collaboration

We know that a team's winning mentality happens through working together. The same goes for your business systems.


In subscriptions, mistakes can be very costly. That's why we rely on the accuracy of data to make us better.


When a subscription business is so reliant on timing, your subscription management tools have to be efficient. We want to make every business able to save money and time.

Problem Solving

Business minded staff are irreplaceable in subscription companies, but we aim to give more power to them with the right tools for problem solving in real time.

Meet the Team

Niclas Lilja

Niclas Lilja, Founder and CEO

With 13 years in the SaaS industry, Niclas helped grow a traditional SW business into a successful international cloud company.

Holding several positions in the management team, including VP of Research and Development, VP of Product, and VP of HR, the company now boasts 12 legal entities in 7 countries and 2000+ customers in a subscription-based business model.

Seeing first-hand the transformation of product, business model, and organization into a SaaS company, Niclas understands the challenges that many B2B subscription-based entities face today.

Fredrik Spira, Co-Founder and CTO

Fredrik Spira, Co-Founder and CTO

Fredrik has over 12 years of experience as a full stack developer for various high profile web development and line of business application projects. 

Fredrik was formerly the lead developer for a major Swedish telecom company's retail and point of service operations, as well as the main developer for a dynamic order portal for a large pharmacy retail chain.

With experience engineering platforms that marry form and function, Fredrik has a deep understanding of creating a product that is user-friendly and maximizes productivity for improving business results.

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Per Nordling, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

As an active investor and serial entrepreneur, Per has built his extensive B2B SaaS knowledge through experience in the tech/sw indistry, ERP industry and through various international businesses. 

As the founder or chair of SaaS businesses, Per has a deep understanding of the daily challenges these types of companies face. Taking those experiences, he is now helping to build Younium as a full-stack solution for SaaS subscription management

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