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Get insights in real-time and make accurate decisions

Don’t miss a heartbeat of your company by having instant access to the key metrics that drive your business forward.

Metrics & Reporting

Younium’s core features give you the tools to make the gears of your vessel turn reliably so you can focus on the horizon. This gives you time to make informed decisions by accessing the key metrics of your business on demand.

With all your subscription data in Younium, you can either have a quick peek to get key metrics in real-time on the go through our insights dashboard, or take a deep dive into the numbers, building detailed, query-based reports with our reporting engine.

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Insights Dashboard

Use our standard dashboard set-up with all the metrics you need as a subscription business. Or create custom dashboards to shape views according to your needs. In any way, you’ll have real-time access to the most important indicators of how your business is doing, and have all the right answers in every situation, if it’s for a swift management decision, or to impress investors and reach that higher multiple.

Reporting Engine

Sometimes more elaborate analysis is needed, and Younium has the tools you need to access every single data point. With our reporting tool, you can build a report on any object and access all the related ones, selecting any field you need. If you have to go even further down into the weeds, you can combine reports and use our query-based operations on your data, such as grouping, filtering, summing, and counting.

Booking Metrics

All subscription events automatically get their own financial record, a booking, showing all details about the event. See the net changes of the subscription’s metrics caused by the event, such as ACV, CMRR, and TCV - and dig down to each line item fueling the metrics. Use the system booking classifications (New Business, Expansion, Contraction, Churn), or create your own custom classifications. You will have all the insights and answers for whoever is asking.

Subscription Metrics

With complete subscription data, you have everything you need to fuel accurate subscription metrics such as ARR and MRR. With accurate service periods of your subscription charges, Younium knows what MRR is committed, up for renewal, usage-based, milestone-based, and more - so you can slice and dice to get the full picture of the future, and the past.

Revenue Metrics

Younium has already done the heavy lifting when it comes to subscription data and revenue recognition so you can sit back and relax. Monitor the ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant output by having real-time access to your revenue insights, and get an understanding of incoming payments with our cash flow forecast.

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