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Access to subscription insights at all times

Grow and scale your recurring revenue business with the tools you need for managing the subscription life cycle.

Insights and Reporting

The customizable dashboards provide you with the data you need when you need it to understand the current as well as the future state of your subscription business.
This becomes especially valuable if you have frequent subscription changes, dynamic pricing, customers around the world, or an evolving product offering.

Automated Booking

No need for manual bookings, Younium automates it for you. Whether it’s new business, upsells or milestones, all your bookings are available with ACV, CMRR and TCV measures. Use our flexible booking classifications to fulfill your reporting needs. 


Set up all the product plans and charges to map your standard as well as allow for customer unique pricing. From flat fees to complex tiered pricing with overages, it's all there.

All Subscription Data

Use the structured subscription data and the insights Younium provides to understand, drive and forecast your subscription business and stand out from the crowd.

Versioning and Change Management

With a hub for your subscription data that’s accessible at all times, your organization can make better-informed decisions, whether it’s related to sales, finance, operations, product or customer success. 

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Intelligent and Accurate Insights

Get to know everything about your B2B subscription business with CMRR, billing, transaction analytics and much more.

Flexible Tools

Turn activities into actions with our flexible reporting tools! Make dynamic and customized reports from all data existing in Younium. In order to maximize your productivity, Younium adapts to your style of work. 
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Free Whitepaper- Transition from traditional software to SaaS subscription model

In this white paper we'll take a look at some of the notable transitions to the subscription model in past years, and how focusing on the right considerations for stakeholders and products will land you in the right position.

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