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Access to subscription insights at all times  

If you have changing subscriptions, customers around the world or an evolving product, Younium is your go-to-source to stay on top of things. 

The customizable dashboard provides you with the data you need, when you need it to understand the health of your subscription business.

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Subscription Insights Features


Business performance

Includes metrics to track bookings, understand new business, upsells, renewals and their contribution to growth. See development and trends for CMRR, ACV to forecast your growth.


Track your revenue sources and stay on top of your recognized, deferred and contracted revenue flow. 

Churn and retention rates

View gross and net retention rates for the business or selected segments. Track churn numbers as well as contractions and see the effect of your counter measures over time.


Easy-to-understand and simple setup dashboards that are designed for the specific needs of top management, the finance team, and other stakeholders.

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All the subscription master data in one place ensures control and ability to remove manual work.
  • Mix one-time, recurring and usage fees
  • Tiered pricing models
  • Milestone capabilities
  • Change tracking
  • Multi company
  • Multi currency
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Invoicing Billing

With accurate subscription data recurring billing is done at the push of a button.

  • Automate recurring billing
  • Usage rating
  • Tax compliance
  • Mix billing periods
  • Pro-rated billing
  • Credit notes
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Segmented invoice, payment and revenue recognition journals for general ledger reconciliation.

  • Rich transaction details
  • Rule based revenue recognition
  • Accounting period handling
  • Segmented journals
  • Period validation
  • Analysis
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