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Customer Success Story

Voyado managed to decrease billing lead times by 93% while gaining better visibility into customer development within the entire organization

Customer Success Story

Proptech company iBinder saved time in finance operations by 20%, automated their quote-to-cash process, and now has access to up-to-date SaaS Metrics using Younium.

Customer Success Story

Quinyx reduced time spent on manual work making reporting easier and more accurate with Younium

Customer Success Story

Formpipe shortened billing lead times and achieved better control over current contracts with Younium

Customer Success Story

Kognity is able to run subscriptions and invoicing more effectively and make changes and alterations on subscriptions, all in the same system. Enabling them to save more time while reducing the risk for manual errors.

Customer Success Story

Smart Tribune achieved significant improvements with Younium, including a 30% reduction in billing time and 100% accurate tracking, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Customer Success Story

Talentech can now run reporting processes with better control and efficiency. They manage all their subscriptions easily with Younium and have real-time access to group-level subscription metrics.

Customer Success Stories

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With Younium, we get a complete and unified view of all our customer subscriptions which saves time and ensures 100% correct reporting

Hampus Åström
Group Project Manager, Talentech
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With Younium, we work with a vendor that really partners with us. They provide support for continued growth, new business models and listen to our needs

Joakim Alfredson
CFO, Formpipe

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