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Managing Sales in a Recurring Revenue Business?

Unlock New Sales Channels

Get the data you need, introduce new pricing models and get a quote perfectly designed for your subscription business.



Create professional looking quotes perfectly designed for subscriptions and recurring pricing. Send to prospects with integrated e-signing or integrate quotes with your CRM. Quotes utilizes the same pricebooks as the customer contracts to make sure proper governance of the sales quotes.


Implement New Pricing Models

Introduce new and dynamic pricing models that are efficient to manage from both sales and finance perspectives. Combine recurring, one-off and usage based fees that are easy to understand. Experiment with new pricing and billing models  to maximise revenue.



Make better, more in depth pipeline reviews based on quotes packed with the data you need. Provide better forecasts based on accurate numbers.

Proud to be Trusted by Great Companies

With Younium we work with a vendor that really partner with us. They provide support for continued growth, new business models and listen to our needs

With Younium we get a complete and unified view of all our customer subscriptions which saves time and ensure 100% correct reporting

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Joakim Alfredson, CFO at Formpipe
Hampus Åström, Group Project Manager at Talentech