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Sales or Revenue Operations Leader for a Subscription Business?

You’re in the right place!

Younium is the platform purpose-built for your business model to streamline your quote-to-order process, end messy contract handovers to finance, experiment with pricing models, and open new sales channels - to beat sales budgets.

Drive Sales with a Seamless Quote-to-order Process


Quoting Done Right

Make sure sales and finance are speaking the same language so there are no question marks in contract handovers to finance. With Younium’s proper subscription term, product, and pricing logic, combined with robust CRM integrations, quotes are turned into active subscriptions with no manual steps. Use your favorite quoting tool already set up, or get going in an instance with Younium’s quoting module.


Implement New Pricing Models

Get creative with pricing models that don't give finance a headache - to find the value-based pricing that makes sense for your service. Use recurring, one-off, and usage fees; provide flexible contract & billing terms; and offer flat, quantity, volume, or tiered pricing - to make it easier for prospects to sign on the dotted line.




Open New Sales Channels

Remove the barriers and drive more sales. Open up new sales channels by giving prospects the option to sign up online, and customers the freedom to self-serve in-app - connected to Younium for automatic, effortless back-office processing.

Proud to be Trusted by Great Companies

With Younium we work with a vendor that really partner with us. They provide support for continued growth, new business models and listen to our needs

With Younium we get a complete and unified view of all our customer subscriptions which saves time and ensure 100% correct reporting

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Joakim Alfredson, CFO at Formpipe
Hampus Åström, Group Project Manager at Talentech