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Automate billing & end revenue leakage

Younium provides you with the tools to automate your billing and make long, manual, error-prone bill runs a thing of the past.


The volume of work tend to increase exponentially with the number of customer subscriptions, especially when it comes to billing. With Younium, you can automate your billing based on your accurate subscription data and make sure you never miss a renewal, usage rating, or invoice - to put an end to revenue leakage.

Younium makes sure your process is smooth throughout the whole billing cycle, from sending invoices, to dunning, and payment collection - giving you the toolbox to minimize time to cash.




With accurate subscription data, Younium takes care of the billing for you, making sure to invoice the correct line items, amounts, and service periods, at the right time.

Usage Billing

Manual calculation and validation of usage is a time-consuming and error-prone process, ultimately leading to missed revenue. With Younium, you can automate the import of your customers’ usage - Younium then takes care of the price calculation that should be billed for that period, according to the usage price details on the customer subscription. Ultimately making sure you don't miss out on a cent to be billed, in an automated fashion.

Flexible Billing Rules

We understand everyone has those customers that push the boundaries when it comes to how their subscription should be billed. Specific frequency, timing, alignment, proration, and delayed billing dates are just a couple of examples Younium can take care of so you can throw your billing reminder calendar into the bin.

Enterprise Requirements

Younium has all the capabilities you need to handle complex subscription and billing structures so you don't have to spend hours on workarounds in stale systems. Separating customers from invoice accounts, combining multiple subscriptions into one invoice, fully customizable invoice templates, department references on specific charges, and multiple addresses are just a couple of examples.

Payment Collection

As long as you have a way to get paid, if it’s with credit card, direct debit, bank transfer, or check, Younium automates the settlements for you, to make sure you’re up-to-date on paid, partially paid, or overdue invoices.


Customers don't always pay on time, we know, and it’s frustrating, especially if you have a manual process of driving in that money. No more cashflow worries using Younium - automate invoice reminders in multiple steps, with different invoice templates for different messages. Enterprise-specific scenarios? Easily exclude accounts from reminder schedules, or create specific dunning groups for custom reminder schemes.

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