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Save more time and money with subscription billing

Automate and streamline the customer billing process, including usage charges, credit calculations and pro rating. The flexible revenue recognition rules ensures consistency and audit-ready transactions. Manage payments and settlements, setup automatic reminders for full control of the billing and collection process. Use different payment methods for each customer or market.

Subscription Billing

With subscriptions, the volume of work is always increasing. With more work comes more stress, a higher need of adding on staff, or a higher risk of errors under pressure which can lead to missed invoicing, and missed renewals.

Using Younium, you can automate and streamline the customer invoicing process, including usage rating, credit calculations and pro rating. Revenue recognition schedules are generated according to defined rules so that it's consistent and auditable.

Manage payments, settlement, reminders for full control of the billing and collect cycle.

Spend less time manually billing customers and subscribers, ensure invoicing and renewals are never missed, and shorten the closing period. 


Automate recurring and usage billing of all subscriptions. Younium does the heavy lifting for you based on the subscription data.

Usage Billing

Automate the import of usage/consumption and the next invoice is created automatically based on the subscription settings and pricing rules. Remove the manual calculations and get correct usage-based invoices every time.

Flexible Billing Rule

With a mix of billing periods, in arrears/in advance billing timing, and customer-specific pricing, it can be time-consuming trying to keep the billing cycle short. Younium takes care of this and ensures alignment and accurate invoicing every time.

Enterprise Requirements

Set up your billing structures easily to separate the using customer from the commercial customer, such as a business partner or a company in a group structure. Define invoice layout templates that your customers understand and expect.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Automate reconciliation of your bank and credit card transactions and ensure quick settlement of payments.

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Automation of Recurring Revenue

Discover new revenue potential with many  options to experiment with pricing models.

Handle Advanced Recurring Billing Scenarios

An easy to use and flexible tool regardless of geography, channels and local regulations.

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Free E-book- Pricing and monetization

How do you monetize your subscriptions?
While the Subscription Business Model has many advantages, monetizing your offerings properly can actually be quite tricky. Download this free e-book on the topic to learn more.

Pricing and monetization e-book

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