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Managing Financial Operations
in a Recurring Revenue Business?

Then you’re in the right place!
We have built a platform that matches your business and harness the financial details of every subscription event 

Streamline Financial Operations and Gain Control



Proper forecasting of recurring revenue and cashflow. Accurate data and one source of truth including all known business events, both historical and future ones.


Revenue Recognition

Get accurate revenue recognition with business rules on every line item. Accrued revenue is pro-rated when there are partial periods, linear if the sale is fully recognized in the current period, and much more!


Out of the box reports, eg. tax summary reports, financial account analysis reports and journal summary reports. All data easily accessed and exported in any device.

Proud to be Trusted by Great Companies

Younium enables us to keep both subscriptions and invoicing effectively in the same system. Changes and alterations on subscriptions were a tedious process in our ERP system and are now much smoother. It saves us a lot of time and reduces the risk for errors

Nicholas Johansson, co-Founder Kognity