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Take control of your subscription management

Grow and scale your recurring revenue business with the tools you need for managing the subscription life cycle.

Subscription Management Features

Remove the need for spreadsheets, custom databases or using tools built for linear, one-time orders. With Younium Subscription Management, you can easily model and organize all your subscriptions - even the advanced ones.  

Use the structured subscription data and the insights Younium provides to understand, drive and forecast your subscription business and stand out from the crowd.

Automated Booking
No need for manual bookings, Younium automates it for you. Whether it’s new biz, up sells or milestones all your bookings are available with ACV, CMRR and TCV measures. Make use of the flexible booking classifications to fulfill your reporting needs.
Set up all the product plans and charges to map your standard as well as allow for customer unique pricing. From flat fees to complex tiered pricing with overages, it's all there.
Rich Detailed Data

Capture all the details of your subscriptions; termed/evergreen, one time fees, recurring or usage fees, renewal terms, ramp ups, discounts, and milestones. Plus ensure that you won't have to manually keep track of future changes.

Full Audit Trail and Versioning

Any change is tracked, meaning that all events during the subscription life-cycle can be revisited to understand what happened in the past.

Multiple Entities and Currencies

Map your legal entity structure to streamline financial reporting and accommodate different offerings and base currencies as needed.

Subscription Management 3

Manage your subscription easily

Collaborate seamlessly across devices from wherever you may be - whether you're in the office, on the go, or making last-minute changes before your next meeting.

Flexible tools to match you standards

Long gone are the spread sheets and need for manual adjustments to pricing, charges and usage. 
Subscription Management 2

Free Guidebook - The subscription contract guidebook

Through Younium's experience with subscription businesses, we've identified the five main factors that should be taken into consideration when creating contracts for your customers. In our latest guidebook, we outline how to think about pricing models, charge types, and billing periods based on these five factors.

Subscription contract guidebook cover

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