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Bring order to subscription chaos

Control and grow your business with the tool designed specifically for managing the life cycle of your subscriptions.

Subscription Management

End the pain of using messy spreadsheets and tools not built for non-linear subscription orders. With Younium, you can easily model and organize all your subscriptions — even the advanced ones.

Younium enables structured subscription data to make your quote-to-cash process tick, so you can focus on what matters.




Capture all the details of your subscriptions: termed or evergreen, one-time fees, recurring fees, usage fees, pay-as-you-go, renewal terms, ramp-ups, discounts, milestones, and more - to put your subscriptions on autopilot and spend your time on what’s important for your business.

Build your product plans and charges according to the value of your service, as well as allow for negotiated customer-specific pricing. From flat fees to complex tiered pricing with overage fees, it's all possible with Younium.

Customers may change their subscriptions in various ways, such as additional users, add-ons, plan upgrades, or just a renewal. Whatever it is, and when it should take effect, Younium can handle the change smoothly. From easy changes to tangled edge cases, all details are captured so that the intricacies of net invoicing, revenue recognition, metrics, and platform permissions are automated and updated.

Billing Schedules

We understand everyone has those customers that push the boundaries when it comes to how their subscription should be billed. Specific frequency, timing, alignment, proration, and delayed billing dates are just a couple of examples Younium can take care of so you can throw your billing reminder calendar into the bin.

Enterprise Requirements

Younium has all the capabilities you need to handle complex subscription and billing structures so you don't have to spend hours on workarounds in stale systems. Separating customer from invoice account, combining multiple subscriptions into one invoice, fully customizable invoice templates, department references on specific charges, and multiple addresses are just a couple of examples.

Change Versioning and Audit Trail

All subscription events are tracked, meaning that all changes during the subscription life-cycle can be revisited to understand what happened in the past - making you ready for an audit or funding round without any extra manual work.


All subscription events automatically get their own financial record, a booking, showing all details about the event. See the net changes of the subscription’s metrics caused by the event, such as ACV, CMRR, and TCV - and dig down to the line items that are fueling these metrics. Use the system booking classifications (New Business, Expansion, Contraction, Churn), or create your own custom classifications. You will have all the insights and answers for whoever is asking.

Multiple Entities and Currencies

Want to expand internationally, or already a global enterprise? Younium is a multi-entity, multi-currency system, giving you the ability to seamlessly offer your services globally, and streamline financial reporting on a group level.

Unlock the full potential of your subscription business

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