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Harness the financial details of every subscription event 

All invoicing, payment and revenue recognition events generate journals for straightforward reconciliation with the general ledger.

The journals provide data on a detailed level and the rich data relationships enable controlling and ad-hoc analysis. 

Ensure a solid closing process with accounting periods and synchronization of open and closed states.

With Younium, it has never been easier to understand and drill down into the details of deferred revenue, recognized revenue, invoicing and payments. 

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Subscription Financials Features


Segments and

Automatically generate journals with flexible segmentation. Enabling straightforward reconciliation with the general ledger.

Detail-Rich Transactional Info

Every transaction comes with rich detail providing drill down functionality to all related properties like customer name, product category, and charge type. Highly appreciated for ad-hoc analysis and controlling scenarios.


The subledger is synced to general ledger accounting periods ensuring accuracy and data integrity. 


Younium provides out of the box reports, eg. tax summary reports, financial account analysis reports, and journal summary reports. Data is easily exported to Excel and other spreadsheet or analysis tools for ad-hoc analysis.

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All the subscription master data in one place ensures control and ability to remove manual work.
  • Mix one-time, recurring and usage fees
  • Tiered pricing models
  • Milestone capabilities
  • Change tracking
  • Multi company
  • Multi currency
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Invoicing Billing

With accurate subscription data recurring billing is done at the push of a button.

  • Automate recurring billing
  • Usage rating
  • Tax compliance
  • Mix billing periods
  • Pro-rated billing
  • Credit notes
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Accurate and timely reporting on subscription metrics available on demand.

  • Recurring revenue, MRR/ARR
  • Booking Metrics, ACV, CMRR
  • Churn, Renewal, Retention rates
  • Billing metrics
  • Custom dashboards
  • CSV/Excel export
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