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Make accounts receivable and revenue recognition a breeze

Streamline general ledger reconciliation, monthly close, and audits with segmented journals, rich transaction details, and traceability through the whole quote-to-cash process.


Younium does not just give you the tools for subscription management and billing to then go figure out the financials yourself. We make sure all activities from invoices, revenue recognition, to payments are captured and booked appropriately and automatically in segmented journals. To make sure you can do your general ledger reconciliation and monthly closing without hassle.



Revenue Recognition

Automate revenue recognition and ensure ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance with Younium’s built-in engine. Use our revenue recognition rules on line-item level to ensure all charges of your offering are properly revenue recognized. We have all the rules you can think of when it comes to recognizing revenue, from straightforward monthly over time or upfront, to fully customizable recognition. Younium base the revenue recognition on the charge service periods, even for broken and pro-rated months.


No need for manual journal entries for accounts receivable and revenue recognition accounting. All invoice, payment, and revenue recognition events generate entries in segmented journals for straightforward general ledger reconciliation and monthly close.

Rich Transaction Details

All financial transactions have a trace through the whole quote-to-cash process, making sure there are no gaps in the audit trail. See what quote generated the subscription, what subscription version generated the invoice, what product that the invoice line is for, which customer, what service period, and so on, it’s all there.

Accounts Receivable Reporting

Make sure you’re up-to-date on your A/R with Younium’s out-of-the-box reports, eg. account balance, aging, financial account, and journal reports, or create your own reports with our reporting engine.

Multiple Entities and Currencies

Younium is a multi-entity, multi-currency system, giving you the ability to seamlessly offer your services globally, while also streamlining financial operations. Each individual entity book transactions in its base currency, with up-to-date exchange rates from other currencies your services are offered in. Use our plug-and-play connectors to connect to global or entity-specific ERPs and CRMs. All this while having real-time access to financial reporting on a group level in a reporting currency, without tedious consolidation.

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