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Smart Tribune: How Younium Transformed Our Subscription Management

Linda Johansson
By Linda Johansson on June 27, 2023

Smart Tribune is a French company that provides digital solutions for customer service automation. Their products are designed to help businesses save time and improve customer satisfaction. However, managing subscriptions for their growing portfolio of clients became a major challenge. In this post, we will explore how Smart Tribune overcame these challenges by implementing Younium, a subscription management solution.

Challenges Before Implementing Younium

As Smart Tribune grew, their billing process became increasingly time-consuming and error-prone. They were using spreadsheets to manage their subscriptions, which was becoming too complex to follow. They needed a more efficient tool to centralize and automate their subscriptions, especially for the renewal process. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to forget about their spreadsheets and be more efficient in billing.

The Solution: Younium

Smart Tribune found the solution to their problems in Younium, a subscription management solution. Younium allowed Smart Tribune to centralize all their subscriptions and automate their billing process. They were able to use Younium's "batch" tool to ensure they did not forget any orders, and the tool's ability to automatically send invoices by email meant that clients always received their invoices, without them ending up in their spam folder. Younium also allowed them to create separate orders or put them together on one invoice, which was especially practical for clients with multiple projects and different subscription dates.

Why Smart Tribune Recommends a Subscription Management Solution

Smart Tribune recommends a subscription management solution like Younium because it saves time, centralizes subscriptions, and reduces the risk of errors. Younium's automation capabilities make the billing process efficient and reliable, and its ability to send invoices by email ensures that clients receive them in their inbox, not their spam folder. The flexibility to create separate orders or put them together on one invoice is also practical for clients with multiple projects. But that's not the only reason why Smart Tribune highly recommends Younium.

"Veronika's excellent customer service skills stood out to Smart Tribune. She was readily available to help with any issues or questions and provided personalized follow-up during the implementation process. Veronika's approach made Smart Tribune feel supported and encouraged throughout the process, and they appreciated the 'humane' touch to their interactions. Smart Tribune highly recommends Younium not only for the tool itself but also for the outstanding customer service they received," says Charlotte Rey, Office Manager at Smart Tribune.

Results of Using Younium

After implementing Younium, Smart Tribune saw immediate results. They were able to forget about their spreadsheets and outsource their invoices from their emailbox. They did not receive any complaints from clients about invoices ending up in their spam folder. Younium's automation capabilities made it easier to organize the billing process and reduced the risk of errors. Smart Tribune no longer needed to make calculations manually, and they trusted the tool to handle the billing process. The ability to create orders with Younium allowed them to gather orders on the same invoice and gave them the flexibility to set subscription start and end dates with precision. Furthermore, Smart Tribune saw significant improvements after implementing Younium, including a 30% reduction in billing-related time and 100% accurate tracking of billing time, resulting in notable gains in efficiency and productivity.


Smart Tribune's experience with Younium shows how a subscription management solution can transform a company's billing process. By centralizing subscriptions and automating the billing process, companies like Smart Tribune can save time, reduce the risk of errors, and improve customer satisfaction. Younium's flexibility and automation capabilities make it an excellent solution for any company looking to streamline their subscription management process.

Smart-Tribune and Younium

Photo: Charlotte Rey, Office Manager at Smart Tribune & Veronika Sawicki, Implementation Manager at Younium

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Published by Linda Johansson June 27, 2023
Linda Johansson

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