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Younium at SaaSiest 2024: Key Takeaways and Highlights

By Hanna Larsson on April 30, 2024

Younium recently participated in SaaSiest 2024, the largest community-driven B2B SaaS event in the Nordic region. Our Subscription experts, alongside the entire Younium management team, were on site in Malmö. The SaaSiest community brought undeniable energy and we had a fantastic time connecting with customers, teammates, and other SaaSy friends. The event was packed with insightful conversations, inspiring talks, and valuable learnings about the current state of the ever-evolving landscape of the SaaS industry.

Here are some of the key takeaways and highlights from our experience at SaaSiest 2024:

Insights from Nathan Latka: “Want to hit $90m in Revenue?"

On the first day of SaaSiest, Nathan Latka, CEO of Founderpath, took the stage with his keynote “Want to hit $90m in Revenue? Follow These 9 Steps (Real Case Studies)”. In his captivating session, he shared tactics from 9 top European SaaS founders on how they scaled quickly. We were particularly proud to see Younium being mentioned as one of the case studies alongside other industry leaders. Nathan discussed our journey to achieving $6.5 million in ARR through an innovative ACV expansion strategy.

Nathan Latka SaaSiest 2024When talking about Younium’s journey, Nathan highlighted:

  • How Younium is growing faster than American competitors and more capital-efficient.
  • <$10m raised and already $6.5m+ in ARR
  • The inspiring growth trajectory for CEO and founder Niclas Lilja, scaling from $1m to $6.5m over the past 4 years
  • How 3 years ago, the average customer paid $18k, and now it has increased up to $31k.

Nathan Latka SaaSiest

As showcased in Nathan’s session on the SaaSiest stage, Niclas recently joined Nathan's podcast “SaaS interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders”. Make sure to tune in for detailed insights into the growth strategies, challenges, and milestones. See the full show here.

Navigating with Precision: Nora Tandberg's CFO Cockpit Session

Nora Tandberg, CFO of Papirfly, led an enlightening session where she emphasized the importance of leveraging metrics to drive strategic decision-making for external and internal uses. As highlighted in her presentation, “Metrics reflect the well-being of the entire business, enabling internal and external stakeholders to see reality with clarity.”

Nora provided details on the concept of Metrics versus Vision and Strategy. She explained vision as the guiding star, strategy as action steps toward the vision, and metrics as the progress tracker. Her session offered practical advice, underscoring the importance of SaaS metrics in steering businesses toward growth and success. A Subscription Management solution like Younium can support getting those metrics and data in place. Learn more in our product video.

Felix Kurth: Embracing the Role of CPO as a Corporate Visionary in B2B SaaS

Witnessing Felix Kurth, CPO of Younium customer Voyado, sharing his expertise on embracing the role of CPOs as corporate visionaries was a delight. It's always fantastic and inspiring to see Younium customers sharing their insights and opinions - and Felix's session was no exception. It was informative and engaging, with a mix of humor through memes and pictures, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Throughout his session, Felix talked about how to leverage your product head to drive product innovation and shape the company's strategic direction, culture, and market position. He emphasized the importance of aligning product strategy with corporate vision, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and embodying the leadership qualities necessary to inspire teams and stakeholders.

Networking and Fun: Exclusive Younium Pre-Party in Malmö

In addition to the main conference, we hosted a side event at our Malmö office before the big SaaSiest party, creating a vibrant space for networking and camaraderie. From engaging conversations to delightful treats, the event offered a unique opportunity to mingle and connect with our customers and fellow SaaS professionals. It was a huge success and a great pleasure for us to have fun with our customers and colleagues. We are already looking forward to organizing similar events in the future!

Final Thoughts: A SaaS Experience to Remember

SaaSiest 2024 was a fantastic event that provided us with valuable insights and connections in the SaaS industry. We left Malmö feeling energized and inspired to continue our journey of innovation and growth. It sparked our commitment to offer top-notch subscription management solutions.

Thank you to the organizers, speakers, and attendees for making SaaSiest 2024 a memorable experience. As we reflect on the key takeaways and highlights, we are excited to apply the insights and the learnings from SaaSiest 2024 to our work. We're already looking forward to next year's conference, and can't wait to see what insights and connections it brings.

Stay tuned for more updates from Younium, where innovation meets subscription management, and businesses flourish in the world of B2B SaaS.

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Published by Hanna Larsson April 30, 2024

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