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Younium is partner at the leading SaaS event in the Nordics

SaaS Nordic is organizing the SaaSiest event, and we are happy to announce that Younium will be in Malmö again as a partner.
Emelie Linheden
By Emelie Linheden on February 01, 2023

SaaSiest is a true gem in the SaaS events spectrum; not only that it’s leading and must-attend event in Nordics, but it is also organized by the SaaS Nordic team who are driving the SaaS forum and community within Nordics and Baltics. This is why we are happy to announce that Younium is the third-year in-row partner at SaaSiest and that we will join the SaaS community and peers from all around in Malmö from 18-19 April 2023. In those two days, Malmö will host over 1200 founders, executives, and VCs under one roof to share experiences & best practices.  

2023 here we come

We are very excited about for the upcoming 2023 event. The confirmed speaker line-up is already inspiring. We are delighted to see that the speaker bill brings Younium customer Voyado with notes from CEO Per Åkerberg and CFO Erica Sandelin Ekelund, see our chat with Erica below about how they decreased billing lead times by 93% while gaining better visibility into customer development within the entire organization.   

And this is something with what SaaSiest makes a difference in the event space, it is bringing together and spreading across operational disciplines, we know how important are various functions in SaaS to enable growth. In the SaaS Nordic podcast, Papirfly CFO Nora Tandberg pointed out that she sees SaaS Metrics and data are essential in 2023 with the economic situation role of financial teams within SaaS companies is even more critical. With Younium’s optimized solutions to monitor, understand data and SaaS metrics within the insights dashboards, Younium enables finance teams to have the correct data. And this will be one of our main topics in Malmö on Younium booth along with financial forecasting, invoicing, and subscription management for SaaS.   

Coming freshly with a new Younium office opened in US Philadelphia, along with market expansions into US and UK and upgraded integrations, we are planning to share best practices advices to peers on how finance and other operational teams can help mitigate those negative aspects of recession and tackle revenue leakage.   

Of course, and not to forget, our ice cream machine will be in Malmö for the whole event with a couple more surprises. We look forward to seeing you all at the event and at our booth.    

Jump over to SaaS Nordic to book your ticket and below, see the atmosphere from Younium’s booth at SaaSiets 2022, and if you have questions about how to streamline your subscription management, feel free to reach out.   

See atmosphere from SaaSiest 2022 and Younium booth. 

Watch our video with Voyado CFO Erica Sandelin Ekelund about how managed to decrease billing lead times by 93%.


Published by Emelie Linheden February 1, 2023
Emelie Linheden

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