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Younium is sponsoring SaaStr Annual 2023

Emelie Linheden
By Emelie Linheden on July 05, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming SaaStr Annual, set to take place on the 6-8th of September in San Francisco.

SaaStr Annual brings 12,500 Cloud and SaaS Founders, VCs, and Execs together in outdoor, festival style! This is the 9th SaaStr Annual event and offers 3 full days of 100’s workshops and 1000s of Mentoring sessions— all to help businesses scale faster.

"With Younium entering North America in the Fall of 2022, we see this sponsorship as essential to meet with the SaaS community, create valuable connections, and share our knowledge in the advanced B2B Subscriptions space", says Niclas Lilja, CEO and Founder of Younium.

As a sponsor, we are excited to support SaaStr and contribute to its success! See you on-site!

Published by Emelie Linheden July 5, 2023
Emelie Linheden

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