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Younium becomes partner of the SaaS Bazen Community

Younium, provider of a SaaS solution for subscription management for B2B companies, announces that it has signed a partnership with the SaaS Bazen Community.
Emelie Linheden
By Emelie Linheden on December 21, 2021

Rotterdam, Amsterdam, December 7, 2021 - Younium, provider of a SaaS solution for subscription management for B2B companies, announces that it has signed a partnership with the SaaS Bazen Community. As an official partner of SaaS Bazen, Younium will use its expertise and experience to support the members of the SaaS Bazen Community in the field of subscription management and subscription billing. 

Need for automation of subscription billing at B2B SaaS companies

"A few years ago, Younium founder Niclas Lilja experienced at his then SaaS employer that there was no subscription management solution that fit the dynamic process of a SaaS company and started to build it himself in 2017," says Wolter Rebergen, Commercial Director at Younium. "Since then we have had the opportunity to help lots of SaaS companies scale their SaaS business. As of 2020, we dare to call ourselves scale-up and grow above 200% annually in revenue and staff. By 2023 we want to be the market leader for all SaaS companies in Europe and 2025 worldwide. Strong ambitions for an enthusiastic club of people."

Johan de Wit, founder of SaaS Bazen, agrees that Younium's solution is a hit: "In the conversations we have with SaaS companies, we increasingly notice that managing and invoicing subscriptions is a considerable challenge. Especially when it comes to the more complex subscription models, with discounts, deviating conditions, multiple packages or pricing variants that are based on 'usage'. With Younium as a partner, we are able to adequately respond to these questions and we can help the SaaS Bazen within our community to also automate this part of their business."

Scaling faster

Younium wants to offer fellow SaaS Bazen the opportunity to scale even faster. "Younium already has a large international reach of SaaS customers and with this has gained a lot of knowledge that we want to share with the SaaS Bazen community. We always tell our prospects and customers about the SaaS Bazen Community and hope to introduce new members to the community so that together we can create even more win-wins. Together we want to make this community grow and contribute to the daily growth of the SaaS Bazen Community members by offering automation and experience," said Rebergen.

The Younium team brings a lot of knowledge to the SaaS Bazen Community around the KPI's that are needed for fundraising, the metrics you need to present for the maximum multiplier, but also very practical issues are addressed: which items belong on an invoice to a foreign country and how do you automate your entire back office with the help of a subscription hub.

De Wit: "In the coming months, SaaS bazen can expect content on the above themes. For example, we are going to make a podcast series about subscription management and billing and we are going to take a deeper look at automating these processes in consultation with community members." Rebergen adds: "Yes, and not unimportantly, as a member of the community you will also be able to enjoy special rates at Younium." 

About SaaS Bosses

SaaS Bazen brings SaaS entrepreneurs (Bossess) from the Netherlands and Belgium together. This happens with on- and offline events and with initiatives like the SaaS Bazen Podcast. The podcast provides fresh insights and visions of entrepreneurs and experts on a diverse spectrum of themes in the SaaS field. Think funding, internationalization, marketing, sales, pricing, product development and entrepreneurship. The community of SaaS Bosses is closed and exclusively for founders and C-level executives of SaaS companies.  

In addition to the community and podcast, there is also a bi-weekly virtual meetup. Here you'll meet like-minded professionals and get fascinating insights into interesting case studies from other SaaS companies. After an energetic introduction, you dive deeper into the subject matter and afterwards you also get the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences. As a member of the community you can also watch the recordings of the sessions at any time.

Published by Emelie Linheden December 21, 2021
Emelie Linheden

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