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Spotler Group: A ‘data-first’ subscription management success story

How Spotler unlocked a 40% growth in revenue through data analysis and innovation using Younium
Linda Johansson
By Linda Johansson on January 15, 2024
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The Challenge
Discovering Younium
The Implementation
Future Plans
Final Word

Since 2016, the Spotler Group, a conglomerate of European companies that develop, sell, and deliver marketing and customer service SaaS solutions, has been very active in acquiring 15 businesses (and counting) in rapid succession.

However, with each new company they purchased, it struggled to merge complex IT infrastructures and manage subscription data. 

For a modern company like Spotler Group accurate data-led insights are everything. And, lack thereof, threatened the company’s growth potential. 

In this case study, we see how Younium worked with the dynamic Spotler Group to build a subscription management ecosystem to navigate the digital merger better.


The Challenge

New business acquisitions often go hand in hand with petabytes of data and a variety of (sometimes outdated) IT systems. This makes it very difficult to extract useful information from the separate entities under the Group umbrella.

In the wake of these new business acquisitions, Paul Brentjens, Chief Financial Officer of Spotler Group, noticed that the company didn't have any clarity around the subscription numbers at a Group or entity level.

“Because we're looking at a lot of the data, we want to build an MRR bridge, across all entities and the industry. We also wanted good contract administration, where detailed data analysis was possible,” he said.

So, as a starting point, Paul stated that the company needed to migrate to a modern and open subscription management platform.

Additionally, the manual execution of contract management was causing productivity issues and billing errors.


Discovering Younium

After an exhaustive search for the right subscription management solution, the Spotler Group zeroed-in on Younium, for the following reasons:

  • It comes with a reputation for simplifying complex billing processes and supporting scalable growth
  • It facilitates the consolidation of data from various sources, significantly enhancing business intelligence, thanks to its powerful and flexible API-enabled connectivity
    • Existing integration with payment processing platform Stripe and the possibility of building custom integration with online accounting platform Yuki
  • It offers flexibility in the way contracts look 
  • It offers competitive pricing
  • It offers views of the data from each entity’s and the group's perspective

But the most important reason that made Younium the number one choice is its ability to deliver powerful insights.

“We want to anticipate churn (and reasons for it) in advance. We want to see the effect of a price increase or if we are missing out on reporting revenues. We want to see which clients have limitations to indexations and change of control clauses. And all of these are inputs that we could not get out of the other typical contact administration platforms,” Paul concluded with finality on the matter.

The Implementation

The implementation of Younium was seamless, thanks to the collaborative spirit and expertise of both teams. It integrated flawlessly with Spotler Group’s existing system, minimizing disruption to its operations.

Erik Forsgren, VP of Customer Success at Younium, said, “Our dedicated team worked hand-in-hand with Spotler, to turn challenges into opportunities, transform visions into reality, and deliver seamless integration (backed by innovation).”

Today, the company extensively uses Younium for day-to-day invoicing and data analysis. 

While the majority of the subscription management needs are met by Younium’s out-of-box features, for select functionalities Paul was able to confidently rely on the openness of Younium and the clarity that the data structure offers. 

For instance, on top of Younium, the company now runs a data lake to perform group reporting. And the data collection for this centralized repository is done by Younium, from multiple sources within the business.


Future Plans

Spotler Group and Younium are aligned for an exciting future together, as the former plans to expand even further by acquiring more (marketing) SaaS companies and platforms. 

At this juncture, Younium will play a pivotal role in: 

  • Managing more digital migrations
  • Delivering deeper insights into subscriber behavior and market need-gaps, powered by Younium’s advanced analytics capabilities
  • Acting as a single source of truth for contracts and data in all of Spotler’s business systems

Also, by the end of 2024, entities within the existing portfolio of Spotler companies are expected to be merged into one. This will require Younium to support the management of contract movement from one entity to another. 

Final Word 

Younium is a modern subscription hub for the modern SaaS company. And its superpower lies in its flexibility. The subscription hub can build customized solutions, especially when standard functionality is found to be insufficient. 

This and its ability to effectively manage and process data is what helped Spotler Group alleviate its subscription management challenges.

Credit for the success of this partnership, Erik shared, lies in teamwork. 

When the Spotler Group decided to onboard Younium, they were at EUR 20 million in revenues from 2.5k customers, and today they have grown to EUR 50+ million from over 7000 customers

By always being on-call to improve productivity, forecasting, and revenue, Younium was able to offer the right kind of support to help the company achieve its revenue and customer acquisition goals.

What’s more, by leveraging Younium’s connectors to sync subscription data across IT systems of newly acquired companies, Spotler Group can grow by 20 to 40% without adding to their workforce

“This success story is not just about technology. It’s a showcase of how trust, synergy, and the power of collaboration can turn aspirations into accomplishments,” he added.

Explore how Younium’s subscription hub can partner with your B2B SaaS business to transform everyday and strategic operations. Contact us today to get started.

Published by Linda Johansson January 15, 2024
Linda Johansson

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