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Younium is sponsoring SaaStock Festival

Younium is proud to sponsor 2022 SaaStock Festival in Dublin
Emelie Linheden
By Emelie Linheden on June 30, 2022

Heard of SaaStock Festival? Almost like Woodstock but much much more SaaSy!  

SaaStock is the best SaaS conference in Europe, joining are around  5,000 SaaS founders, execs, and investors, this is the go-to global SaaS festival where SaaS leaders come together to support one another, learn from industry experts, be inspired by incredible growth stories and above all, connect with a global SaaS community. 

SaaStock might just be the biggest SaaS Europe event and guess what, we are glad to be sponsoring it!  

The festival will be taking place in person at the RDS in Dublin on 18-19th October 2022, we look forward to meeting you all!  

Drop by our booth to say hi and nerd down on subscription management or even better... We challenge you; If you think your customer subscription process is to advance to be automated and streamlined, bring it to us!

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Published by Emelie Linheden June 30, 2022
Emelie Linheden

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