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We're heading to SaaStr Europa, will we see you there?

In two weeks' time we'll be heading to Paris for SaaStr Europa. We'd love to see you there too, as we learn about how we can better serve SaaS businesses.
Niclas Lilja
By Niclas Lilja on June 03, 2019

This year, SaaStr is hosting its second ever European version of its hit conference, discussing all things software, sales, and scaling. Saastr Europa will be held in Paris, 12 -13 June, and we wouldn't miss an opportunity to learn more about how we can improve, what our customers may be needing, and the state of the industry as a whole.

What we're attending

The SaaStr lineup this year is stacked, and with many notable speakers from some of the world's biggest tech companies, there's no shortage of interesting talks to attend.

Since Younium is invested in helping our customers to be more efficient and effective in business, our focus for the conference will be on growth, customer experience, and developing agile products.

Some highlights we're looking forward to:

  • Land, Expand, Explode: How to Win the Long-Game in SaaS with Egnyte: Rajesh Ram, Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder of Egnyte will discuss creating a sustainable subscription SaaS model in order to reduce churn, create long term customer relationships, and succeed over time.
  • The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Get to $10M ARR Faster with Jason Lemkin: SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin will share tips and common mistakes to getting from $1m to $10m in ARR faster, with a focus on finance and resource allocation for things like hiring.
  • 7 Tips and Tricks to Having Happy Customers at Scale with New Relic: Roger Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at New Relic will address how to keep today's finicky customers engaged and loyal, emphasizing that it's companies who know their customers well who will come out on top.
  • 5 Key Steps to Evolving Your Offering Into a Platform with Eventbrite and Stripe: Renaud Visage, Co-Founder of Eventbrite, and Romain Huet, Head of Developer Relations at Stripe will discuss how to turn your offering into a platform without losing any of its original appeal.
  • State of the Cloud 2019: Europa Edition with Bessemer Venture Partners: Alex Ferrara of Bessemer Venture Partners discusses all things cloud computing: the state of the industry, trends, and what the future may hold.

What we're looking to get out of it

While we talk about our customer's biggest challenges and the unique circumstances that SaaS businesses face on a regular basis, we're looking for actionable insights from industry leaders so that we can continually improve our own offerings, and how we address our customer's issues within SaaS subscription management.

Since SaaStr is focused on Europe, with sights on trends around the globe, we can learn how to anticipate how our customer's priorities may shift in the future, as well as find solutions to common questions regarding user insights, customer retention, scalability, and automation.

Are you also attending SaaStr? We'd love to meet up with you there. Let's talk SaaS, subscriptions, user data, revenue recognition, and more efficient business.

Schedule a meeting with Martin Kåver, Head of Sales, and knower of all things SaaS subscriptions.

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Published by Niclas Lilja June 3, 2019
Niclas Lilja

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