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An introduction to Subscription Management for B2B SaaS Companies 

The subscription model has many benefits for online and cloud-based businesses, but SaaS companies are currently facing challenges that have not been previously encountered in traditional businesses. Wolter Rebergen and Linda Johansson at Younium are discussing the key factors of successful subscription management and how it can benefit your B2B company. Based on Wolter’s experience with SaaS businesses, he has identified a proven approach for building long-term, sustainable growth for companies that utilize the subscription model.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The fundamental principles of advanced subscription management in the B2B sector, including billing and invoicing
  • Techniques for optimizing subscription processes and streamlining operations
  • Strategies for gaining insights into your business performance
  • A range of tools to boost revenue and a case study featuring a successful customer
  • A real-life scenario was submitted by one of our audience members. This gives you a sneak peek into our solution and how we approach and solve real subscription management challenges.

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