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Subscription Management solution tailored for SaaS

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Scale your SaaS business with automation, understanding key metrics and more. 

Remove the need for spreadsheets, custom databases or using tools built for linear, one-time orders.

Younium’s subscription management platform is tailored for B2B SaaS, specifically built for advanced subscriptions. 

In our meeting call you will: 

  • Together with our subscription expert look into how Younium brings control, automation and transparency into your SaaS business
  • Deep dive into your case and show you platform’s features that can assist you
  • Look into metrics, structured subscription data and the insights that Younium provides 


Younium enables us to keep both subscriptions and invoicing effectively in the same system. Changes and alterations on subscriptions were a tedious process in our ERP system and are now much smoother and it saves us a lot of time and reduces the risk for errors.

Nicholas Johansson kognity
Nicholas Johansson, Co-Founder @Kognity

Customers using Younium to manage their subscription business

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We connect to the systems you already have, from HubSpot to Salesforce, let Younium connect to your billing gateways, financials, payments and we will make with your integrations the Subscription Hub.

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