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The Subscription Hub

One Tool to Manage all your B2B Subscriptions


Subscription Management

Remove the need for spreadsheets, custom databases or using tools built for linear, one-time orders. With Younium you can easily model and organize all your subscriptions - even the advanced ones.  


Subscription Billing

Automate and streamline the customer billing process, including usage rating, credit calculation and pro rating. Spend less time and ensure invoicing and renewals are never missed.

Insights and Reporting

Up to date and accurate subscription metrics ready at all times enables rapid analysis of the recurring revenue, churn rates, bookings, net retention and more. Use the ready to go dashboards or make your custom reports - the choice is yours.


All billing, payment and revenue recognition events generate sub journal entries for straightforward reconciliation with the general ledger. The detailed data and the rich data relationships enable controlling and ad-hoc analysis. 

Connectors & API

Connect the systems and tools you already love to power up the Subscription Hub. Use the ready to go connectors or set up your own connections using the REST API and webhooks.

Transitioning to a Subscription Model?

Download the White Paper: How To Successfully Transition from Traditional Software to SaaS Subscription Model


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