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The Younium Subscription Stack

One tool to manage all your B2B subscriptions

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The Subscriptions Eco-System

Younium is made to help companies manage their subscription portfolio without the need for custom patches. Our software fills the gap between the sales CRM, the financial system or ERP, the customer support  and service desk system and most importantly - your company's own products and services.

Subscription Management

By managing your subscriptions all in one place, you can more easily track important KPIs, access customizable reports, and manage customer lifecycles.

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Subscription Billing/Invoicing

When you can take control of your billing options, you'll never miss payments or opportunities for subscription upsells, downsells, or renewals. Automate order to cash.

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Subscription Products/Pricing

 Get a handle on your product offerings and pricing tiers to improve recurring revenue. Optimize your platform and scale your business with better insights on your offering performance.

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Transitioning to a Subscription Model?

Download the White Paper: How To Successfully Transition from Traditional Software to SaaS Subscription Model 

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Learn how to better manage your subscriptions. 

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