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About Us

These are the things that inspire us and get us excited about Subscription Management

Our Inspiration:

We started Younium because of something we've each seen with subscription model companies: all too often there are missed opportunities for increased monthly recurring margins, improved customer relationships and retention, and timely and accurate reporting for subscription data insights.

We want to help customers achieve:

Teamwork and Collaboration

We know that a team's winning mentality happens through working together. The same goes for your business systems.


In subscriptions, mistakes can be very costly. That's why we rely on the accuracy of data to make us better.


When a subscription business is so reliant on timing, your subscription management tools have to be efficient. We want to make every business able to save money and time.

Problem Solving

Business minded staff are irreplaceable in subscription companies, but we aim to give more power to them with the right tools for problem solving in real time.


Want to join our team? We're always looking for top talent.

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