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Tackle the economic decline and get valuable insights about how to raise funding in the B2B SaaS landscape

During this webinar we aim to give our audience the tools needed to get the required funding to accelerate their SaaS growth. Fundraising during economic decline can be much trickier and you should be aware of the changes around you to meet your goals. 

Joining us for this webinar is Venture Capital company Newion to ensure our audience receives both the funding requester and funding provider’s perspective. 

This webinar will cover topics such as: 

  • Economic decline, what happens to funding? 

  • What are practical tips to get funding?

  • Funding with or without Equity

  • What is important to Venture Capital to provide funding?

  • Interactive Q&A with Investment Analyst Armand Naessens (Newion) and Commercial Director Wolter Rebergen (Younium)


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