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Learn about how to enable one system for automation of all your subscription processes

In this Webinar we will talk about value of One System that can integrate all of your systems from services, sales channels, and financial backend. Integrating all related processes enables a higher degree of control, consistency of metrics, and above all easy to use when things change or need adjustment. We explored how connectors bring growth in the B2B SaaS landscape, what is subscription hub what to consider in the setup and the role of subscription management. 

This webinar also brings a user case experience example from our customer EdTech company Kognity.  

Thing's you will learn:

  • The best SaaS B2B Connectors; configurations, potential challenges & bringing value
  • Automation between different systems 
  • Why you don’t need to build custom integrations 
  • What B2B subscription hub enables and what are benefits 
  • How to align Quote2Cash process 
  • User case example showcase


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