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In Charge of a Recurring Revenue Business?

Value for Management and Board

Accurate data on current and future revenue will significantly impact the enterprise value 



With a hub for your subscription data, accessible at all times, the organization can leverage the data to make better-informed decisions, whether it’s sales, finance, operations, product or customer success.



With a rich data set around your subscriptions you are better equipped for detailed analysis. Know what products or plans are performing, what customer segments are booming, what happens if prices are increased by 10%. Also get accurate data for company validation.



Invest in areas of growth rather than managing details, handovers due to poor subscription management. Integrate your processes with real commercial data to power up your customer experience.

Proud to be Trusted by Great Companies

With Younium we work with a vendor that really partner with us. They provide support for continued growth, new business models and listen to our needs
With Younium we have a partner who wants to grow with us, listen to us and understand our challenges
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Joakim Alfredson, CFO at Formpipe
Marie Ahlberg, CFO at Quinyx