Control your subscription portfolio and access tools to quickly adapt your offering, pricing, and relevant sales channels to your market. Through better insights that lead to better decisions, you can enable growth that is sustainable.


Optimizing your offering by adapting quickly is mandatory in todays world of subscription business. With the right tools and metrics available at all times, you can avoid getting stuck in admin or endless  inaccurate guessing games. 


Subscription model business requires you to continuously fulfill your promise to your customers. Empower your entire organization to effectively interact with customers through on demand access to current and relevant subscription data.


With continuous subscriptions management, the administrative work is never done. Through automating your ongoing transactions, you can ensure your small process problems don't become severe business problems.


Use a system purposefully built for a subscription model business that puts you in control of your subscriptions, your offerings, relevant KPIs such as monthly recurring revenue, and provides insights for potential upsells and renewals. 

The Product

What are your biggest challenges in managing subscriptions of your customers?  Too much time spent on building and reviewing reports? Are you missing opportunities for subscription renewals? Are you having difficulty with customer touch-points and service? Want to increase your monthly recurring revenue and grow your business? Younium platform was designed puposefully to solve some of the biggest subscription business model problems. Try us and see how we can solve yours.

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Insights from the Blog:

The Younium Checklist for transitioning or establishing a subscription business model

There are many steps an organization must take when transitioning to or establishing a subscription business model. 

Our checklist can help you understand the tasks you need to complete, and the path you should take to ensuring that you launch your subscription management on the right foot.

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Top things to consider when establishing a subscription model business

When traditional software companies transition to subscription model, or a new tech startup establishes a subscription model business, it can be hard to know how to prioritize what can feel like an endless to-do list.

These are our businesses should think about to ensure a smooth set up and launch from the start.

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How do you know when you've outgrown your processes?

As your company and subscription portfolio starts to grow, the small process problems identified (but perhaps ignored) starts to grow into real business problems.

What are the telltale signs that you need to start thinking about improving your processes, or establishing new systems to handle them? See if these examples apply to you.

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