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Mastering Transaction Readiness: Proactively Increase Your Valuation 

The current market is continuously changing and becoming more challenging for companies looking for funding. Investors have more resources and are more cautious, taking more time to evaluate potential investments. As a result, companies seeking funding may face difficulty from prolonged and expensive due diligence process to lose opportunities.
Being prepared for transaction or funding opportunity is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment. This panel, hosted by David Reiling, aims to help you understand valuation and implications that it has in the current economic situation. Our expert panel including Aart Bijkerk, M&A Advisor at PhiDelphi, Mads Kunov, Director at Ernst & Young, Johan Castevall, Chief Financial Officer at Younium and SaaS Investor at Partinc Capital, Cedric Notz, CEO and Founder at Float, and Jorge Fuenzalida, Managing Partner at JLA Advisors will share insights and experiences on how to increase your valuation in the eyes of potential investors.
Watch this interactive session to learn about the key factors that drive valuation.

Our expert panel will share:

  • EY's experience in the European market
  • The most effective combination of SaaS metrics used by EY
  • Lessons from the US market
  • The perspective of venture capitalists and private equity firms
  • Best practices of top-performing Nordic companies
  • Strategies for verifying the financial integrity of a company or prospect
  • How the priorities and criteria for evaluating a company or prospect have changed over time.

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