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SaaS Companies are facing unique problems today that haven't before been seen in traditional business. While the subscription model presents many advantages for companies offering products and services that are online and cloud-based, the industry is also seeing growing pains when it comes to finding a formula for fast and sustainable success.
Join Younium CEO and Founder, Niclas Lilja, as he breaks down the elements of successful subscription management and how it can make a major impact on your B2B business.
Through his experience working with SaaS businesses, he’s come to find a path that works for subscription model companies to build sustainable, long-term business growth. 
What you'll learn: 

✅ The foundation of B2B advanced subscription management

✅ How to streamline operations and subscription processes

✅ How to better understand your business performance 
✅ Toolkit to increase your revenue and a customer success story 

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